Friday, September 01, 2006

Making Pakyaw the Boys in Bands

The high school girl in me is doing cartwheels at the prospect of interviewing Westlife. Actually, the high school girl in me has been doing cartwheels all year because I've been lucky enough to interview, shake hands, pose in pictures with and declare my love to her (take note, hers, not mine) crushes.

That's probably the only reason I ask for and giddily take these assignments: to live the life I wanted to have in grade and high school.In grade school, I wantged to be a freelance writer. In
high school, I wanted to meet all my idols. This year, I'm a freelance writer who gets to meet her high school idols. Better late than never, I guess. I got to interview the Backstreet Boys (and proclaim my love to Howie!), Swedish Industrial band Interlace (Goth is a state of mind), and (forgive me for including you in the same sentence and though you aren't a boy band, you
*are* my favorite Pinoy musical act) Pedicab.

And now I'm off to interview Westlife (my favorite: Mark, who came out last year -- why do I always like the gay one???!!!)! I haven't been this happy since Michael Buble (another man who I think may be gay) touched my shoulder when he was first in the country! Now if only Take That would get back together and come to the Philippines. Now that would *really*
make my year!

My favorite Take That member in high school? Mark Owen! And boy does he look gay in a tight shirt! Remember the "Everything Changes" video? He made baby powder seem
obscene. No wonder I feel slightly dirty everytime I see a bottle of Johnson's talc-iest.

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