Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh My Golem!

Am going through China Mieville's Iron Council while reading Terry Pratchett's Going Postal. Do you know what these two books have in common, aside from containing revolutions (there is always a revolution) and being written by geniuses? Gollums! I mean, Golems, that's what!

In Iron Council, they are robots made by someone who I can't help but imagine as a really old Jude Law because he's called Judah Low (Jude Law, Judah Low, get it?), while in Going Postal, the golems have become sentient beings, in their own fashion.

Got to watch A Chinese Odyssey vols. One and Two, starring Stepen Chow. It's a mix of time travel and Chinese mythology and until now, what with all the characters appearing and dissapearing and changing names, amking everyone look like each other after a while, I'm still not quite sure what the plot is. Still, It's Stephen Chow, so I'll takes him as I can gets him. Boyi Bolomi!

In other news, check out my special report on a day in the life of Katrina Halili here:

Yes, I still can't get the ahref thingie to work. Grr.

Monday, March 13, 2006


I just realized today, while listening to my co-workers talk about the Moro National Liberation Front, that MILF means something entirely different to a whole new generation.

I'm not saying I'm young but I did wonder why a bunch of reporters were talking about hot mommas.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Figure Skating is so Gay

I have never understood how figure skating could be cool. Watching men and women in strange costumes dancing mock ballet on ice has never been my cup of tea. To me, figure skating has always been the delicate prima donna princess of winter sports.

So while my sister swooned over Kristi Yamaguchi, cried over the Ekaterina/Sergei love story and watched that Moira Kelly/ DB Sweeny movie whose name I thankfully can't remember over and over and over again, I had to keep from gagging over the cotton candiness of it all and trying to end my miseries with a duck and some rat poison.

That is, until I stumbled into the wonderful world of Johnny Weir.

Image hosting by Photobucket

To me, he epitomizes the sport -- its preciousness and drama, the athletic skill required to make it to the top, the intruiging and good looking personalities that make millions of people want to worship them. All these, plus that he brings to the surface what other figure skaters are afraid to -- he's hip, flambouyant, is oh so sure of himself, and is just so darn good-looking, in that skinny, half heroin chic, half androgynous sort of way . He's proof that figure skating *is* gay, but in a cool way.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've Created a... MACster!

I gave my sister a tube of MAC's Taupe (matte) yesterday before heading to work. She spent the whole of this morning raving about it.

Just trying to do my best to be the best sister I can be and to make the world a prettier place.

Last night was the taping for my Casanova review. I said a whole lot of things but here's the short version of my thoughts on the movie: The acting, directing and production design is good. The dialogue is okay, but the plot kind of sucks. Anyways, watch it for Heath Ledger.

Here's the question for the day:

Which Dawson's Creek girl is better off?
a. Michelle Williams, who never got as famous as she should have but is married to Heath Ledger (swoon, girls, swoon!), or
b. Katie Holmes, who is uber famous but has her life ruled by Tom Cruise's craziness?

I'm now starting on Deviant, the story of Ed Gein, by Harold Schechter. Will let you know it it's a good read.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscar Schmoscar

Yesterday was an interesting day, as far as surprises were concerned.

1. I received a text from a publisher regarding one of my stories. No specific news yet, I don't want to jinx it.

2. I got asked to do a spiel for Groupee TV that's airing this Saturday. It was just two sentences but I still got a kick out of doing it, anyway. I think Groupee TV airs every Saturday at 11pm on QTV Channel 11.

3. I went to watch the premiere of Casanova for Review Night. The surprise here was that I won a prize, a very pretty jewelry box with the name of the movie inscribed on it. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't as enchanting as it's giveaway. I was very disappointed with how the plot just generated into absurdity. Heath Ledger is still cute though, and now that I've seen Sinenna Miller act, I can't hate her anymore. I think Review Night airs every Friday before the 7pm and 9pm movies on Cinema One. I don't know when the replays are.

Now weren't they more interesting than the Oscars?