Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh My Golem!

Am going through China Mieville's Iron Council while reading Terry Pratchett's Going Postal. Do you know what these two books have in common, aside from containing revolutions (there is always a revolution) and being written by geniuses? Gollums! I mean, Golems, that's what!

In Iron Council, they are robots made by someone who I can't help but imagine as a really old Jude Law because he's called Judah Low (Jude Law, Judah Low, get it?), while in Going Postal, the golems have become sentient beings, in their own fashion.

Got to watch A Chinese Odyssey vols. One and Two, starring Stepen Chow. It's a mix of time travel and Chinese mythology and until now, what with all the characters appearing and dissapearing and changing names, amking everyone look like each other after a while, I'm still not quite sure what the plot is. Still, It's Stephen Chow, so I'll takes him as I can gets him. Boyi Bolomi!

In other news, check out my special report on a day in the life of Katrina Halili here:

Yes, I still can't get the ahref thingie to work. Grr.

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