Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Burn Sessions

BURN MAGAZINE, the Philippines' first interactive magazine, heats up your weekends with THE BURN SESSIONS: The Burn Magazine Bar Tour. Catch The Dawn, Drip, Typecast, Paramita, Sandwich, Cynthia Alexander, Moonstar 88, Hilera, Sound, Sino Sikat?, Drip, Nimbus 9, Chicosci, Milagros Dancehall Collective, Julianne, Faspitch, the hip-hop crew of Steak Productions in a five-month long bar tour in the hippest places in Metro Manila: May 26 at Capone's, June 22 at Saguijo, July 14 at Chakik's Ortigas, July 27 and September 14 at Mag:Net High Street, August 10 at Al's Bar, September 29 at Prince of Jaipur in corporation with Steak Productions and October 11 at Piedra.

Be at Capones on May 26 for the bar tour's first leg, with performances by Taken By Cars, Hilera, Faspitch and Sandwich. Show starts at 9pm. Entrance is only P150.

Make music your weekend habit with Burn Sessions--the Burn Magazine bar tour. Check print ads and posters, or log on to for details. The Burn Sessions is brought to you by BURN Magazine, Bratpack, SM Teens Wear, Audiophile, Warner Music Phils.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello, Goodbye!

For those who've missed my presence online (all three of you), my apologies.  My absence can easily be explained by a. my falling into a drugged stupor near the laser printer (another source of addictive fumes) and b. men.  More specifically, three men -- Bruce, who will kill me if I do non work-related stuff at work, Dr. Burke (McWho?), this nice heart surgeon Bruce introduced me to via his Grey's Anatomy DVDs, and Mr. Monk.  So now I'm back, for a bit, at least, thanks in part to Charles, who showed me the wonderful world of posting from your e-mail.  If I dissapear again, it's going to be because I have yet to watch Heroes, Death Note, Bleach, Season 6 of Scrubs, Season 3 of Grey's, Studio 60, and Samurai Seven.  And that's just the DVDs I remember.