Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Cat is a Smart

I don't give my cat enough credit. I discovered that my cat is smarter than I give her credit for.

For example:

Yesterday morning, I saw her open my sister's closet. That's right, teeny tiny cat opening a human-sized closet. I kid you not. No standing on hind legs, no special stretchy effects, no nothing. She just knew where to push.

Yesterday evening, I came home really, really tired. I was puttering around the ground floor, winding down, looking for food, etc., when I noticed that my cat was following me around. I thought that she was hungry, but she had food in her bowl. So I thought she needed some cuddling. This is weird because my cat is usually anti-social. She doesn't like being touched or pettedor cuddled, but she does like sitting on soft places, like laps or bellies or pillows. So I sat down and patted my lap. he immediately leaped on it and settled down. She let me pet her too, which was really strange. I wanted to stay longer but I really had to get to sleep so I said, "I have to go now." And you know what? She sat up, loked at me, then jumped off my lap! Looks like I was the one that needed some cuddling!

Smart cat.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Almost Perfect Work Day

Yesterday was an almost perfect work day for me because:

I woke up early,

had a good breakfast,

took a nice stroll in the Baguio air (and met scary trees),

got a massage (even if I had to wait two hours for the masahista but that's okay becasue she felt so guilty she gave me two hours for the price of one),


got lots of work done!


A thick fog rolled in accompanied by heavy rain, cutting off the WiFi all day. Wah! Couldn't send all the stuff whose deadlinesI strived so hard to meet.

But had a good day anyway. Got to spend time with Luis (always a good thing) and mingle with his co-fellows more. They're all such fun!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Exercise, I has it

First off, Happy Birthday Sarge and Sir Bien!

Just got back from my morning walk. Was supposed to look for the Camp John Hay comissary but ended up at the main guardhouse in the opposite direction. Saw a early morning golfers. Thankfully, no flying golf balls.

Wandered into this garden with a statue of an Igorot woman. It was like something out of a movie, with everything not-quite landscaped so the place was wild, but not overgrown. Very pretty, very quiet. This was where I realized that TREES FREAK ME OUT. You know the Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin's dad explains that wind is caused by trees whispering? He's freaking right! Still, I forced myself to walk untilt the end of the garden, past the gossiping pines, and back. I'm so proud of myself.

Am now waiting to get a massage. After this, it's back to work. Promise.

Baguio, Day 2

What I did yesterday:

Wake up early: Pass

Tried to find good spot to work: Pass

Tried to work on 3 hours of sleep: Epic Fail

Sat in some of the sessions (Ma'am Jing invited me!): Pass

Took a nap on the open-door Tamaraw while going bumpity-bump all the way to Bencab's new place where the Fellows were having dinner: Pass!!! (I can now officialy sleep anywhere. Or maybe I was really tired)

Had a good time: Epic Pass (Had lechon and lots and lots of Baguio greens, this really smooth tequila that Sir Butch asked Ian and me to try, successfully navigated the cut-into-thehillside steps that led to Bencab's guest bathroom, and explored the artist's lovely studio. It was Bencab's birthday, so there was birthday singing and cake blowing and poetry recitation, too.)

Night out on Session Road: Epic Fail. Luis and I were so zonked we headed back to the hotel and went straight to sleep. I didn't even get to finish Burn Notice.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm in Baguio, Baby!

That's right! I'm in Baguio City. The City of Pines. Burnham's Bosom (Made that up, not sure if Burnham had a bosom). The Summer Capital of the Philippines. One of the most Haunted Cities in the Country.

Anson has given mea listof restaurants to try... will see if I can get my but to them. Right now, I'm just happy to be working in an "office" with a view. So this is what being a CEO feels like. I could get used to this.

Aside from the stuff on Anson's list, I alsohope to be able to visit SM Baguio, the place where, as told to me by two different people, both of them "sensitive," not all the people you see are alive.