Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Burn Magazine Launch

This is from Luis:

Just wanted to remind alla youse about BURN BABY BURN:the massive concert put together by BURN magazine!
It's happening this Thursday, November 23, at theMusic Hall in SM Mall of Asia, and it starts at 5 PM.(Originally slated for last September 28, it waspostponed when mega-typhoon Milenyo hit.)

Just flash a copy of BURN issue 3 or 4 to get in.

Here's the lineup.
Radioactive Sago Project
Orange and Lemons
Johnny Alegre
Hemp Republic
Up Dharma Down
Sino Sikat?
Jeepney Joyride
Nyko Maca
Dice & K9/Mobbstarr

Hope to see you there --Luis

I say, whee! :D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Other Blog

I've published something in the blog I keep for GMA Pinoy TV. Check it out here !

Why Mario Dumawal Must Die

I'm not even sure I spelled his name right. All I know is Mario Dumawal, senior showbiz reporter for TV Patrol has no breeding. I was interviewing Alfred Vargas during the Gigil press con when he suddenly appeared, TV crew behind him, and proceeded to inteview Alfred IN THE MIDDLE of my interview!

Some actors, like Pavlov's dog, are conditioned to respond to a TV crew -- the actors, not the dog -- so Alfred went along and answered Mario's cohort's questions. My first impulse was to pick a fight. My second impulse was to walk away, crossing the camera's line of sight and thereby ruining their footage. But then, I didn't want Mother Lily banning us from all her press cons, or to give anyone the chance to say that people from our channel like to pick fights.

So I let Mario and the rest of his uneducated crew finish their interview, keeping my recorder on the whole time. I've already used Alfred's answers to their questions in my article. Call it passive revenge. And I didn't even have to make a scene!

Learning to Fry

Mnay things have been happening the past few days, which is why I haven't been able to update any of my blogs *guiltyguilty*.

One of them is that I've learned, by necessity, to (drum roll please) fry an egg. Yes, I've never fried an egg. I can cook soups, pastas, and I think even did steak once, but I have never, ever, until now fried an egg.

It was an interesting experience. I was angsting because there was no olive oil around and was frettig that the yolk would overcok or the white would be undercooked. I think they came out decent enough. I haven't been brought to the hospital yet. I still have to master the art of making the white crisp at the sides and the yolk runny.

I've also been writing a lot. Unfortunately, none of them fiction. Most of it is for my day job as mild-mannered showbiz writer. The office has been in a flurry these past few days as artistas come in and out to be taped, recorded and photographed. The three top office favorites - Dennis Trillo, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin.

You will never get to fully appreciate Marvin until you have met him in person. He's sweet, charming, friendly and easy to work with. The same goes for Jolina, who, aside from being all that, has the nicest boots! Her new 'do is pretty, too. Dennis will always be a crowd draw. Everyone loves the good-looking mysterious guy-next-door-ness.

We also finished printing and delivering the latest issue pf Gusto! to Shopwise. It should be out this month so if you have a Wise card, head on over to your nearest Shopwise customer's service for a complimentary copy. We've featured Dawn Zulueta on the cover, with an inside feature on Toni Gonzaga.

I've also been busy with the Wish bazaar, ICAAA and AAXS's joint annual Christmas, er, bazaar. This year's event happenson the 2nd and 3rd of December in the Xavier School grounds. It will; feature booths, a rock concert, exotic pets, cars and more.

Last but not the least, Leah has come back from the U.S., bringing gifts of chocolate. She gave me a Ghirardeli Christmas pack, for which my tatse buds are enternally grateful, but my waistline is not. I love you, Leah!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Story in the Free Press

Here's an excerpt from my short story, "Transmission Ended," which came out in this week's Free Press:

I helped myself to the pack beside him as he stared at the night sky. “Cigarette smoking is bad for the health,” I said, quoting the Surgeon General’s warning.

“That’s all right,” Jason said. “I plan to quit when I’m twenty seven. That gives me five years.”

For all my playful warnings, I was genuinely surprised. Jason had never expressed any fears about his mortality. “You’re going to start worrying about your health then?” I asked.

Jason snorted. “I’m not afraid of death,” he said.

“Why the cut-off age?” I asked.

“Smoking causes wrinkles,” Jason said. “I don’t want to get wrinkles.”
I laughed. “You are the vainest boy I have ever met.”

"Musical Atrocities," the other story in the mag was very, very interesting. I want to read more of the author's stuff.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Post-Halloween Posting

I've posted a new article in my GMA Pinoy TV Column, Candy Coated Karma (that's at , folks -- plug, plug -- tell your friends and family overseas to check it out, and get the channel as well) about how I spent my Halloween/ All Saints Day.

What I forgot to put in was that I also spent the last few days demolishing all the dark Kit Kat I had Kage buy for me in Hong Kong (Thanks again, Kage! And thank you, Waya, for lending me Candy Freak (the book that started it all), and letting me know about Dark Kit Kat in HK). As if that wasn't enough, Jilly, who just came back from New York, brought chocolate for everyone (Thanks, Jill!). I'm on a choco high.

Before that, I posted a pre-Halloween, well, post suggesting some websites to check out in the spirit of the season . Be sure to check that out, too!

Belated Samhain, everyone!