Thursday, November 02, 2006

Post-Halloween Posting

I've posted a new article in my GMA Pinoy TV Column, Candy Coated Karma (that's at , folks -- plug, plug -- tell your friends and family overseas to check it out, and get the channel as well) about how I spent my Halloween/ All Saints Day.

What I forgot to put in was that I also spent the last few days demolishing all the dark Kit Kat I had Kage buy for me in Hong Kong (Thanks again, Kage! And thank you, Waya, for lending me Candy Freak (the book that started it all), and letting me know about Dark Kit Kat in HK). As if that wasn't enough, Jilly, who just came back from New York, brought chocolate for everyone (Thanks, Jill!). I'm on a choco high.

Before that, I posted a pre-Halloween, well, post suggesting some websites to check out in the spirit of the season . Be sure to check that out, too!

Belated Samhain, everyone!

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Cleod said...

MY GOD, that dark chocolate Kit-Kat was GOOD. You love me! You really love me!