Friday, November 21, 2008

I see dumb people

Aaaaaand yet another link from E.

This time, it's a list of some people who are credits to all womendom. Yessiree, these ladies apparently have less smarts than a dead starfish and yet they've managed to garner fame and fortune, all because they look good in a bikini.

It's true folks, women don't need smarts to get ahead. They can go around thinking that Africa is a country and that people speak French in Budapest because at the end of the day, it's not their brains that'll get them paid.

It's a mighty big up yours to women who've had to slave away to earn degrees and whatnot because in the end, you know that you won't be earning as much as these bleached starlets. That said, I'm going on a starvation diet and applying to Disney.I'll bet they could use a disabled Asian thirtysomething in their roster of *ahem* squeaky clean talents. I'll bet I'll look like an angel next to Vanessa, Miley and that Cheetah Girl who's dating Kim Kardahian's brother.

Ooh, is that cake?

The (somewhat) fulfillment of a teenage fantasy

I'm posting this at the risk of revealing how old I really am (which, judging from my last post is "old enough not to be taking bull**** from people who don't know what they're doing).

This apparently very, very old news but I just found out that Matthew Nelson, 1/2 of he twins from glam rock band Nelson and one of my biggest crushes, is married, and his wife's name is Yvette.

Now, the Nelson official website is a bit embarrassing to browse through ($1000 to be a Nelson PA for a day, anyone?), so I'm going to tell you right now to skip it and just dig out your tape (you know you have one) or CD or MP3 (thanks Luis!) instead.

Because I can't live without your love and affection.

I watch (and listen to) dead people

I was writing today when my brain got sidetracked by the concept of post-mortem photography, which I fist encountered in the film The Others. Freaky stuff, taking pictures of the dead as if they were asleep, but apparently, it was a popular thing to do back when cameras were new and having a portrait of the deceased cost too much.

This blog entry on gives a somewhat personal account of post-mortem photography. I also found some samples of it here.

There is also an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep that will photograph parent's final hours with their dying child (or already dead baby, the site doesn't really say). It's supposed to help with the mourning process. The photographs are elegant and tastefully done, and the people who have signed up for it seem to be glad that they did. I really believe that if you love someone that much, documenting your last hours with them isn't sick, it's a form of therapy.

Then E sent me a link to the transcripts of the Jonestwon Murders, which was sad and scary and drove home the point that you shouldn't really be wastng your life as there are others out there who are more than willing to mess it up for you.

Rakista in Fudge Magazine

Fudge magazine has an article on Rakista! Read it! Read it! Read it!

I haven't seen it yet but someone told me that I was quoted as the source for trivia. This is not entirely true. Let me explain:

I was asked for trivia about the show, so I asked everyone else to add to what I knew, and I sent it all in. I thought they would be using them generally without quoting sources, or else I would have sent in my sources as well. Soooo... my apologies to the people who provided some of the trivia:

Mads Adrias
Quar Henares
Erwin Romulo

Now, go read! Go read! Go read! :D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Rice Cooker. Bow.

Came across an old article about how our humble rice cooker can be trained to do amazing things.

I actually have a book that shows you how to make simple dishes with just the use of a hotel coffeemaker.

I love how humans will defy all odds for the sake of a good meal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion November 2008

Grab a copy of Fully Booked's Fully Booked Zine, the bookstore's in-house publication and turn to the last page. That's right! They did a story on me! My very first solo feature! :D As of now, the online version isn't up yet but I'll lin to it when it is. Ooh, giddy me! By the way, the picture that accompanies the article was taken by the super cool and galing Mitch Mauricio.

My story, "Her Room was Her Temple" will be out in the Philipines Free Press this week, around November 15. It's about a guy who discovers interesting things in a secret little corner of Burgos St. in Makati. You know, that dark, seedy street that branches out from Makati Avenue, the one with all the bars with neon signs and the place that offers lady and midget boxing? Don't deny it. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Another story, "The Bridge," will be out in the latest issue of Story Philippines. It's about a psychic child in Tacloban in the mid-70's and her encounter with one half of the most powerful couple in the country then. Special guest appearance of that era's favorite psychic child, Ronnie Boy. This story will be coming out in the anthology of last year's Philippine Graphic/ Fiction Awards winners, as well as in Vin Simbulan's A Time for Dragons anthology (which will be out soon under Anvil), for which it was originally written.

I have an article about Christian Bautista in Filipinas magazine a US-based FilAm mag. You can read the online version here. My story is on page 38. :)

My latest column entry on my GMA News Column is about Kenneth Yu, publisher of Philippine Genre Stories. Here's an exerpt:

"I asked (my nephews and nieces) a few of whom were readers, 'If there were Pinoys who write, would you read them?' They were my test subjects. They said, 'Yeah. Where are they?' And I said, 'Good question. Wala nga,'" Kenneth says.

He also thought there was a lack of quality in the books that his nephews and nieces read.

"The books they were reading sucked!" Kenneth says.

"I want to give them quality stuff. I look for quality writers and thankfully, I got them. And now my nieces and nephews have been reading it," he says.

But many people ask, why concentrate on genre? Kenneth's answer can be summed up in seven words: a good story is a good story.

Read the whole thing here.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

This week on Rakista: November 6, 2008

The plot thickens on Rakista...

Someone mails Sonny an ear... Alvarez' ear. But where is the rest of Alvarez?

Sven returns to Cubao Aesthetics in an effort to find out who tried to kill Sonny. He once again enters the Sweat Lodge ng Katotohanan and finds another revelation instead.

The Love Team prepares to face up to The Hate Team in NU's Battle of the Bands. Who will replace Nix, now that their lead guitarist has gone over to the dark side?

"Shut up woman, let me finish!" and other great Sven one-liners.

CC and Caloy grow closer. Uuuuuy!

A recap of Sven and RJ's tongue action... and some Bebe and Nix MOMOLing time as well. You perv.

More Gina Catacutan... the record label executive in a league of her own.

If you missed out the first time, you can still catch the replay this Sunday at 1pm on TV5.