Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion November 2008

Grab a copy of Fully Booked's Fully Booked Zine, the bookstore's in-house publication and turn to the last page. That's right! They did a story on me! My very first solo feature! :D As of now, the online version isn't up yet but I'll lin to it when it is. Ooh, giddy me! By the way, the picture that accompanies the article was taken by the super cool and galing Mitch Mauricio.

My story, "Her Room was Her Temple" will be out in the Philipines Free Press this week, around November 15. It's about a guy who discovers interesting things in a secret little corner of Burgos St. in Makati. You know, that dark, seedy street that branches out from Makati Avenue, the one with all the bars with neon signs and the place that offers lady and midget boxing? Don't deny it. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Another story, "The Bridge," will be out in the latest issue of Story Philippines. It's about a psychic child in Tacloban in the mid-70's and her encounter with one half of the most powerful couple in the country then. Special guest appearance of that era's favorite psychic child, Ronnie Boy. This story will be coming out in the anthology of last year's Philippine Graphic/ Fiction Awards winners, as well as in Vin Simbulan's A Time for Dragons anthology (which will be out soon under Anvil), for which it was originally written.

I have an article about Christian Bautista in Filipinas magazine a US-based FilAm mag. You can read the online version here. My story is on page 38. :)

My latest column entry on my GMA News Column is about Kenneth Yu, publisher of Philippine Genre Stories. Here's an exerpt:

"I asked (my nephews and nieces) a few of whom were readers, 'If there were Pinoys who write, would you read them?' They were my test subjects. They said, 'Yeah. Where are they?' And I said, 'Good question. Wala nga,'" Kenneth says.

He also thought there was a lack of quality in the books that his nephews and nieces read.

"The books they were reading sucked!" Kenneth says.

"I want to give them quality stuff. I look for quality writers and thankfully, I got them. And now my nieces and nephews have been reading it," he says.

But many people ask, why concentrate on genre? Kenneth's answer can be summed up in seven words: a good story is a good story.

Read the whole thing here.


Dominique said...

Ha! And just a few weeks ago you were complaining about your output. You put the rest of us to shame.

Yvette Tan said...

Haha. Work doesn't count! :) But thanks!

宝茹 said...

Wow! Congratulations then! So much work! :)