Wednesday, June 20, 2007

San Juan Cityhood

San Juan is now a city! Congratulations! I know that cityhood means a bigger budget aand that the mayor has all these plans like opening a college but citihood means only one thing to me:

When I join the Miss Universe pageant, I can come out on stage in my Pitoy Moreno gown and say in stilted English (para may foreign effect), "Hello, my name is glossgirl and I come from beautiful San Juan City, Philippines!" *spreads arms*

Har, har, har.

So Much for My Vacation

I have no self control whatsoever. Just days after announcing my "leave" from writing, I've accepted a freelance job, attended a presscon, and started a story.

Oh well. I guess in this case, lack of self-control is a good thing.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Bloomfields

Because internet has been down fora month, I wasn't able to post about my The Bloomfields article, which appeared on

All I can say is that they are very nice boys who play really groovy music. Let's boogie!

Another Day In Court

So I had to go to court again. This time... nothing happened. There were no car chases, no convulsing judges. Instead, the people we were sing didn't show up. Sooooo... apparently, if you're being sued and you don't show up for your hearing, the judge issues a warrant for your arrest.

It's very weird to be partially responsible for someone's impending arrest.

It's also very weird to be in the same room with actual theives and attempted murderers and such.

Court is such a weird place