Wednesday, June 20, 2007

San Juan Cityhood

San Juan is now a city! Congratulations! I know that cityhood means a bigger budget aand that the mayor has all these plans like opening a college but citihood means only one thing to me:

When I join the Miss Universe pageant, I can come out on stage in my Pitoy Moreno gown and say in stilted English (para may foreign effect), "Hello, my name is glossgirl and I come from beautiful San Juan City, Philippines!" *spreads arms*

Har, har, har.

1 comment:

Kyuzo said...

long time no see glossgirl! i see you've been busy!

san juan city, eh? cool! didnt realize youre nearby. i sometimes come over to visit my sister there near the Marcoses. looks like you got your miss universe introduction aptly rehearsed. ;)