Friday, March 30, 2007

3 AM

Nope, not a tribute to Matchbox 20. I really am up at 3 am on a work night. I don't care. I can;t sleep. I'm also working on my Chicosci artlicle. I'm extra pressured to make this really, really good because I'm trying to impress my editor, who I think is really hot. He'll like my writing so much he'll call to tell me so, then we'll get to chatting, then he'll ask me out to dinner. The we can go to the mall and watch a movie. Or hamsters. Either way, I'll be happy because I'll be with him.

This is suck a sappy entry. This is what happens when I'm awake at 3am on a work night.

Seriously, I don't usually have a hard time writing but this Chicosci piece is really tiring me out. Granted, it's one of the best interviews I've had (right up there with Chino Moreno [I hear Pulp got an e-mail from the Deftones' label saying that they liked the article] and Gary Barlow [I'm still pinching myself]), but for some reason, this one is stressing me out the most.

Maybe it's because I like the band (but then, I enjoyed the Deftones and I loved Take That, not to mention most of the other people I've interviewed). Maybe it's because if the article sucks, Chicosci knows what I look like and can hunt me down. Maybe it's because this is my first article. Maybe it's because my editor is so gosh darn cute (here we go again).

I'm tempted to just aubmit the interview as is becasue the guys were just so gosh darn funny. Not funny as in charming Gary Barlow funny, but funny in a witty, sarcastic, toungue-in-cheek way. For example:

Mong: Budgeting the video came sort of naturally for us, so yun yung first project apart from the mass production. And then started rolling from there because everybody noticed the video, everybody noticed the album --

Miggy: Our haircuts!

Mong: Our haircuts –

Miggy: Fashion sense, cuteness, cutie factor –

Mong: Androgyny. Or let’s just say it straight up. Our gayness.

Miggy: Our gayness. What’s up, bitch?


And they can be pretty passionate too, like when Mong was explaining their songwriting technique. Hearing him use "These tired lungs" as an example almost made me faint. Yes, the little lost goth in me is still alive. Which begs the question: why hasn't the band been embraced by the goths yet?

Am shleepy...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On the phone with Gary Barlow

I HAVE A PHONE INTERVIEW WITH GARY BARLOW TONIGHT! *takes out must Take That shirt, faints*

I'm going to be taking the cll at home, which is sweet. How often can you tell people that an international pop star called you at home? *smiles like a giddy high school girl*

My first question will be: What took you so long???!!!

A Younger Model

You know how they say that men are always looking for someone younger? I just found out that Luis is no different. He currently has eyes for some furry, underaged, model-type who he may have gotten pregnant -- I mean, who may have been pregnant when he got her *grin* . Sorry, couldn't resist.

Yup! He's got another hammie! A female one this time, which makes the jokes oh so easy. Her name's Colwin, after the writer, and she's been getting good press in the hamster message board (she's a natural model). We don't know for sure if she's preggers... at least until she gives birth, which should be anytime this week.

The reason we don't know if she's pregnant is because:
a. she could just be really fat;
b. she could be having a phantom pregnancy; or
c. even if she is pregnant, she might not give birth anyway, as pregnant hamsters' bodies sometimes just reabsorbs the babies if the mommas are too stressed out.

In any case, Luis doesn't know how to feel about Colwin being preggers because:
a. Baby hammies are cute, but...
b. Who's going to adopt them?
c. Will they even live to be adopted? Young fist time hammie mothers are notorious for eating or killing their young.

I'd take one of them in, but it would only end up iside my cat. Or if not my cat, het boyfriend (Yes, my cat has a boyfriend. Go figure.). Or if not in her boyfriend, definitley inside the new one that's been lurking around lately, trying to get at the boyfriend's food.

Me? I just want to see the widdle babies! Coo! Coo!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cesar Montano for Senator

This is old news but... Cesar Montano is going to run! *keels over* Why don'tthey just burn the country to the ground ad get it over with?

I hear that the night before he announced his candidacy, he was vehemently denying plans to enter politics. And now this.

If you knew what I did about him (and the sad fact is I don't know much -- but what I do know is enough for me), you wouldn't vote for him. I don't think I'm voting in this election, so that means I'm definetly not voting for him. :P

We already have enough action stars in our Senatorial stable to beat all of Iraq and Afghanstan's forces combined. Hold on...

On the other hand, I say we should all vote for him, and all the other action stars who are running. That way, when the next political crisis arises, be it an MILF assault or being called to send troops to another international war against terrorism, we can jut SEND THEM INSTEAD and spare all our good, patriotic soldiers the fighting. We can't lose!

I think it's a good idea.

Cesar ontano, I'm voting for you!

My Last 4 Senatoriable Picks

I just came back from not eing allowed to enter the seminary. Who knew that non-Catholic women weren't allowed to be priests? Let them tr to explain Pope Joan to me, then!

Too bad mybid for priesthood was so short-lived. I was going to announce my last 4 Senatoriables, too. They are:

9. Shaider - so we can b safe from the forces of evil that plague the universe, and so we will finaly know what color Annie's panties really are.

10. Ramon Magsaysay - Since this isn't a Presidential election, the most I can nominate our dear beloved ex-President for is a Senator. I don't think he'll mindif its for the good of the country. All we need is a really good voodoo hougan and we're good to go. I figure that the zombified corpse of one of our nation's greatest Presidents should make better decisions that some of the class acts we have out there. Whle we're ressurecting him, we should also tell him that the Chinoys are Filipinos, too.

11 and 12. Butch Aquino and Letty Ramos Shahani - Just becuase I still remember their jingles fro the 80's. I'm sure you do, too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Candidate Meat Market

In a glorious example of separation between te Church and the State, Brother Mike Velarde is urging Church Leaders to place their bets for te coming election so that the people will know who to vote for.

Again, from the Inquirer, he says: "They can just whisper their names and [the names] will spread to the people."

In this spirit, I'd like to announce that I'm leaving for the seminary next week, so that I can become a priest and so that I can whisper to my constituents my choices for Senatoriables.

They are:
1. Frosty the Snowman - lagyan ng air con ang Pinas!
2. The Tooth Fairy - comprehensive dental plans for everyone!
3. Santa Claus - gifts for all
4. The Easter Bunny - becasue we're a Christian/ heathen country, even though we won't admit it, and because I owe him money
5. Zsa Zsa Zaturnah - to represent the GLBT sector
6. Captain Barbell - because a strong country needs a strong man
7. Daddy Warbucks - because everybody could stand to benefit from a rich fafa (we'll have to grant him citizenship, first)
8. Maria Makiling - because I owe her money, too; plus, we need an environmentalist

And because I'm all for democracy, the poeple can choose their last four candidates themselves. I hear Shaider wants to run.

Oh, here's Bro. Mike's defense for his non-separation o Church and State statement, also from today's PDI:
"My position is the separation of Church and State does not apply to the process of selecting leaders because this is te time when leaders of the Church should have active participation not just in setting guidelines but also in guiding the flock on who the right candidates are."

Flock is right.

Santos vs. Sanchez, Round One, Fight!

So Vilma Santos is running for Governor of Batangas. This has reelectionist Gov. Arnamdo Sanches quaking in his boots, er Guccis, er, footwear, especially since Lakas CMD has withdrawn its support from him and has chosen to go with Santos instead.

In a show of sportsmanship, professionalism and good taste, Sanchez has taunted Santos without naming her. I quote part of his speech from today's issue of the Inquirer:

"Will you vote for someone who spends three hours just to put on her makeup? Will you vote for someone who reports to City Hall jut once a week? Or someone who needs alcohol after shaking the hands of the people?"

Trying to destroy the name of a opponent by attacking, not her political standpoint but her beauty routine. Now that's class. That's the hallmark of Philippine politics, that is, right up there with Tessie A's boogie. Or if it isn't, it should be.

I don't live in Batangas, but here's my answer to Sanchez's "questions."

1. Would I vote for someone who spends 3 hours doing her make up? Hell yes -- provided s/he comes out gorgeous and not like the bride of Wildestein. A leader has to look good for her people, sice s/he represents them. Of course, the people should come first. That's a given. I woudn't vote for a leader who goes to a plastic surgeon, though, that bespeaks insecurity. Sanchez should take a cue from Santos and visit a beauty parlor. He looks like he needs it more tha she does.

2. How about someone who goes to City Hal only once a week? I never beleived in the "you have to be in the office al day to be considered workin" mentality. A lot of people spendtheir 8 hour office day doing nothing. Again, f someone does more good wandering around, meeting people, upholding policies, kissing children, whatever, then good. Going to the office does not work equate.

3. Someone who has to use alcohol after shaking hands? That's jut cleanliness, baby. My mother wishes I'd do that more often. Besides, it's better to be washing ones hands of germs than washing one's hands of jueteng lord allegations, don't you think?

Okay, before people start bashing, let me just explain my political knowledge for the above, and all my political rants and comments: I HAVE NONE. I just read the papers because I have to, not because I want to, and can I help it if our nation's politicians lead lives more colorful than any telenovelas? I mean, where else can you find a bunch of well-mannered, restrained, oh, and classy individuals out to protect the welfare of our glorious nation against tyrants, terrorism and each other (I say te should start protecting our glorious nation against bad fashion, too)? So you'll ave to forgive my rants if they seem idiotic, because they probably are. On the toher hand, there's a school of thought that says fools make the best prophets... or was that the other way around?


I think the title says it all, don't you? Excuse me while I move to Batangas.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Celebrating My 30th Birthday

You know you've been spending too much time in the office when...

You're at home and you have to call someone... and you instinctively dial "0" to call out.


I've only been on the job for a month and already I need a vacation!

I turn 30 this year, and I've been wondering how I should spend it. Whjatever I do, I intend to spend it somewhere else. My friend Andrea, a seasoned traveller, says I should travel by myeslf at least once in my life, and I agree. I think the week of my 30th birthday would be a great opportunity to go off on my own. Alas, due to lack of imagination (and lack of funds), I find myself not knowing where to go. I'm already going to miss this year's Stoker Awards, so I don't know what else to aim for.

So far, my choices are:

a. Hong Kong Disneyland - Because nobody can resist Disneyland

b. The Farm - I've got 30 years worth of toxins to get rid of!

c. Any Asian country that has Placebo and/ or k.d. lang playing - Placebo was in China on my birthday last year -- I found out after and have been kicking myself for missing the opportunity ever since.

d. Vietnam - Because Andrea says so.

e. Disneyworld in August, when all the goths converge there - Because it's a small world after all.

f. Ireland - Because I used to be a rabid Celtophile. And it might give me a chance to stalk Garth Ennis.

g. I'm open to suggestions. Let me know what I should do/ where I should go!