Monday, March 19, 2007

My Last 4 Senatoriable Picks

I just came back from not eing allowed to enter the seminary. Who knew that non-Catholic women weren't allowed to be priests? Let them tr to explain Pope Joan to me, then!

Too bad mybid for priesthood was so short-lived. I was going to announce my last 4 Senatoriables, too. They are:

9. Shaider - so we can b safe from the forces of evil that plague the universe, and so we will finaly know what color Annie's panties really are.

10. Ramon Magsaysay - Since this isn't a Presidential election, the most I can nominate our dear beloved ex-President for is a Senator. I don't think he'll mindif its for the good of the country. All we need is a really good voodoo hougan and we're good to go. I figure that the zombified corpse of one of our nation's greatest Presidents should make better decisions that some of the class acts we have out there. Whle we're ressurecting him, we should also tell him that the Chinoys are Filipinos, too.

11 and 12. Butch Aquino and Letty Ramos Shahani - Just becuase I still remember their jingles fro the 80's. I'm sure you do, too.

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Cleod said...

In relation to nos. 11 and 12 - whatabout Bagatsing, Espina, Sese and Tolentino :) I can remember that damned jingle too!