Friday, March 30, 2007

3 AM

Nope, not a tribute to Matchbox 20. I really am up at 3 am on a work night. I don't care. I can;t sleep. I'm also working on my Chicosci artlicle. I'm extra pressured to make this really, really good because I'm trying to impress my editor, who I think is really hot. He'll like my writing so much he'll call to tell me so, then we'll get to chatting, then he'll ask me out to dinner. The we can go to the mall and watch a movie. Or hamsters. Either way, I'll be happy because I'll be with him.

This is suck a sappy entry. This is what happens when I'm awake at 3am on a work night.

Seriously, I don't usually have a hard time writing but this Chicosci piece is really tiring me out. Granted, it's one of the best interviews I've had (right up there with Chino Moreno [I hear Pulp got an e-mail from the Deftones' label saying that they liked the article] and Gary Barlow [I'm still pinching myself]), but for some reason, this one is stressing me out the most.

Maybe it's because I like the band (but then, I enjoyed the Deftones and I loved Take That, not to mention most of the other people I've interviewed). Maybe it's because if the article sucks, Chicosci knows what I look like and can hunt me down. Maybe it's because this is my first article. Maybe it's because my editor is so gosh darn cute (here we go again).

I'm tempted to just aubmit the interview as is becasue the guys were just so gosh darn funny. Not funny as in charming Gary Barlow funny, but funny in a witty, sarcastic, toungue-in-cheek way. For example:

Mong: Budgeting the video came sort of naturally for us, so yun yung first project apart from the mass production. And then started rolling from there because everybody noticed the video, everybody noticed the album --

Miggy: Our haircuts!

Mong: Our haircuts –

Miggy: Fashion sense, cuteness, cutie factor –

Mong: Androgyny. Or let’s just say it straight up. Our gayness.

Miggy: Our gayness. What’s up, bitch?


And they can be pretty passionate too, like when Mong was explaining their songwriting technique. Hearing him use "These tired lungs" as an example almost made me faint. Yes, the little lost goth in me is still alive. Which begs the question: why hasn't the band been embraced by the goths yet?

Am shleepy...

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