Monday, March 19, 2007

Cesar Montano for Senator

This is old news but... Cesar Montano is going to run! *keels over* Why don'tthey just burn the country to the ground ad get it over with?

I hear that the night before he announced his candidacy, he was vehemently denying plans to enter politics. And now this.

If you knew what I did about him (and the sad fact is I don't know much -- but what I do know is enough for me), you wouldn't vote for him. I don't think I'm voting in this election, so that means I'm definetly not voting for him. :P

We already have enough action stars in our Senatorial stable to beat all of Iraq and Afghanstan's forces combined. Hold on...

On the other hand, I say we should all vote for him, and all the other action stars who are running. That way, when the next political crisis arises, be it an MILF assault or being called to send troops to another international war against terrorism, we can jut SEND THEM INSTEAD and spare all our good, patriotic soldiers the fighting. We can't lose!

I think it's a good idea.

Cesar ontano, I'm voting for you!

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