Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Santos vs. Sanchez, Round One, Fight!

So Vilma Santos is running for Governor of Batangas. This has reelectionist Gov. Arnamdo Sanches quaking in his boots, er Guccis, er, footwear, especially since Lakas CMD has withdrawn its support from him and has chosen to go with Santos instead.

In a show of sportsmanship, professionalism and good taste, Sanchez has taunted Santos without naming her. I quote part of his speech from today's issue of the Inquirer:

"Will you vote for someone who spends three hours just to put on her makeup? Will you vote for someone who reports to City Hall jut once a week? Or someone who needs alcohol after shaking the hands of the people?"

Trying to destroy the name of a opponent by attacking, not her political standpoint but her beauty routine. Now that's class. That's the hallmark of Philippine politics, that is, right up there with Tessie A's boogie. Or if it isn't, it should be.

I don't live in Batangas, but here's my answer to Sanchez's "questions."

1. Would I vote for someone who spends 3 hours doing her make up? Hell yes -- provided s/he comes out gorgeous and not like the bride of Wildestein. A leader has to look good for her people, sice s/he represents them. Of course, the people should come first. That's a given. I woudn't vote for a leader who goes to a plastic surgeon, though, that bespeaks insecurity. Sanchez should take a cue from Santos and visit a beauty parlor. He looks like he needs it more tha she does.

2. How about someone who goes to City Hal only once a week? I never beleived in the "you have to be in the office al day to be considered workin" mentality. A lot of people spendtheir 8 hour office day doing nothing. Again, f someone does more good wandering around, meeting people, upholding policies, kissing children, whatever, then good. Going to the office does not work equate.

3. Someone who has to use alcohol after shaking hands? That's jut cleanliness, baby. My mother wishes I'd do that more often. Besides, it's better to be washing ones hands of germs than washing one's hands of jueteng lord allegations, don't you think?

Okay, before people start bashing, let me just explain my political knowledge for the above, and all my political rants and comments: I HAVE NONE. I just read the papers because I have to, not because I want to, and can I help it if our nation's politicians lead lives more colorful than any telenovelas? I mean, where else can you find a bunch of well-mannered, restrained, oh, and classy individuals out to protect the welfare of our glorious nation against tyrants, terrorism and each other (I say te should start protecting our glorious nation against bad fashion, too)? So you'll ave to forgive my rants if they seem idiotic, because they probably are. On the toher hand, there's a school of thought that says fools make the best prophets... or was that the other way around?


pakshet101 said...

Class act for Lord Arman, indeed.

Well in fact he even had the gall to admit to media sometime that stopping the proliferation of jueteng in Batangas isn't part of his job descript as provincial governor.

Which just reinforces the notion that he is the Lord of Lords of jueteng this side of Luzon.

Anonymous said...

If Vilma can perform also as governor why not?She hasn't stolen any money from Batangas,so bravo VI.