Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Younger Model

You know how they say that men are always looking for someone younger? I just found out that Luis is no different. He currently has eyes for some furry, underaged, model-type who he may have gotten pregnant -- I mean, who may have been pregnant when he got her *grin* . Sorry, couldn't resist.

Yup! He's got another hammie! A female one this time, which makes the jokes oh so easy. Her name's Colwin, after the writer, and she's been getting good press in the hamster message board (she's a natural model). We don't know for sure if she's preggers... at least until she gives birth, which should be anytime this week.

The reason we don't know if she's pregnant is because:
a. she could just be really fat;
b. she could be having a phantom pregnancy; or
c. even if she is pregnant, she might not give birth anyway, as pregnant hamsters' bodies sometimes just reabsorbs the babies if the mommas are too stressed out.

In any case, Luis doesn't know how to feel about Colwin being preggers because:
a. Baby hammies are cute, but...
b. Who's going to adopt them?
c. Will they even live to be adopted? Young fist time hammie mothers are notorious for eating or killing their young.

I'd take one of them in, but it would only end up iside my cat. Or if not my cat, het boyfriend (Yes, my cat has a boyfriend. Go figure.). Or if not in her boyfriend, definitley inside the new one that's been lurking around lately, trying to get at the boyfriend's food.

Me? I just want to see the widdle babies! Coo! Coo!

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ynee said...

for a while there i thought luis was having an affair!!!!! hahahaha....i can't believe he's gonna be a daddy soon! (if she does give birth) two (err...three pala)will have your own babies to take care na rin!