Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Cat is a Smart

I don't give my cat enough credit. I discovered that my cat is smarter than I give her credit for.

For example:

Yesterday morning, I saw her open my sister's closet. That's right, teeny tiny cat opening a human-sized closet. I kid you not. No standing on hind legs, no special stretchy effects, no nothing. She just knew where to push.

Yesterday evening, I came home really, really tired. I was puttering around the ground floor, winding down, looking for food, etc., when I noticed that my cat was following me around. I thought that she was hungry, but she had food in her bowl. So I thought she needed some cuddling. This is weird because my cat is usually anti-social. She doesn't like being touched or pettedor cuddled, but she does like sitting on soft places, like laps or bellies or pillows. So I sat down and patted my lap. he immediately leaped on it and settled down. She let me pet her too, which was really strange. I wanted to stay longer but I really had to get to sleep so I said, "I have to go now." And you know what? She sat up, loked at me, then jumped off my lap! Looks like I was the one that needed some cuddling!

Smart cat.

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