Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello, Goodbye!

For those who've missed my presence online (all three of you), my apologies.  My absence can easily be explained by a. my falling into a drugged stupor near the laser printer (another source of addictive fumes) and b. men.  More specifically, three men -- Bruce, who will kill me if I do non work-related stuff at work, Dr. Burke (McWho?), this nice heart surgeon Bruce introduced me to via his Grey's Anatomy DVDs, and Mr. Monk.  So now I'm back, for a bit, at least, thanks in part to Charles, who showed me the wonderful world of posting from your e-mail.  If I dissapear again, it's going to be because I have yet to watch Heroes, Death Note, Bleach, Season 6 of Scrubs, Season 3 of Grey's, Studio 60, and Samurai Seven.  And that's just the DVDs I remember.


1 comment:

Hazel Chua said...

tsk tsk... you still have time to marathon!!!