Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've Created a... MACster!

I gave my sister a tube of MAC's Taupe (matte) yesterday before heading to work. She spent the whole of this morning raving about it.

Just trying to do my best to be the best sister I can be and to make the world a prettier place.

Last night was the taping for my Casanova review. I said a whole lot of things but here's the short version of my thoughts on the movie: The acting, directing and production design is good. The dialogue is okay, but the plot kind of sucks. Anyways, watch it for Heath Ledger.

Here's the question for the day:

Which Dawson's Creek girl is better off?
a. Michelle Williams, who never got as famous as she should have but is married to Heath Ledger (swoon, girls, swoon!), or
b. Katie Holmes, who is uber famous but has her life ruled by Tom Cruise's craziness?

I'm now starting on Deviant, the story of Ed Gein, by Harold Schechter. Will let you know it it's a good read.

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Gloss Girl said...

It was ok. Reading about Ed Gein (pronounced Geen) has enriched my life greatly. :P