Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscar Schmoscar

Yesterday was an interesting day, as far as surprises were concerned.

1. I received a text from a publisher regarding one of my stories. No specific news yet, I don't want to jinx it.

2. I got asked to do a spiel for Groupee TV that's airing this Saturday. It was just two sentences but I still got a kick out of doing it, anyway. I think Groupee TV airs every Saturday at 11pm on QTV Channel 11.

3. I went to watch the premiere of Casanova for Review Night. The surprise here was that I won a prize, a very pretty jewelry box with the name of the movie inscribed on it. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't as enchanting as it's giveaway. I was very disappointed with how the plot just generated into absurdity. Heath Ledger is still cute though, and now that I've seen Sinenna Miller act, I can't hate her anymore. I think Review Night airs every Friday before the 7pm and 9pm movies on Cinema One. I don't know when the replays are.

Now weren't they more interesting than the Oscars?

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