Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to High School

February 16, 2006

I was asked to speak to a class of juniors in my old high school about my work in the media. Iris came along to watch my lecture.

It’s weird to be back in high school and not have to attend any actual classes. I almost ran for it when I saw my old geometry teacher. She might give me an exam. She did look well, though, probably because she doesn’t have to deal with delinquents like me anymore.

The girls were a lot less rowdy than I thought they would be. They were very shy at first, not wanting to answer my questions and denying being interested in the media.

Me: Who likes artistas?
Them: - silence –

As the morning wore on however, they began to shed their all-girl-school propriety and admit, though their actions, to a little bit of “pang-masa-ness.”

Me: Being in media, you tend to know which actors are really gay.
Them: Aaaaaaaw!


Me: … Etheria, after 24 Oras.
Them: After Extra Challenge!

When it was time for the open forum, the questions kept flying. They were, as expected, very high school. In them, I saw the girl I used to be. Hopeful, sheltered, intimidated by what’s out there but raring to see it anyway. I hope my lecture inspired them to, if not go ino media, to go fulfill their dreams.

One thing I realized: as much as I miss high school, I’m still glad to be where I am now, and that’s far, far away from geometry exams.

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