Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Member din ako ng Manilyn Reynes Fans Club

February 10, 2006

It seems that the only times I am truly interested in a celebrity is if they were big in the 80’s. And we all know that Manilyn Reynes was very big in the 80’s. It was hard not to say “I used to watch your cheesy horror movies!” but I managed to restrain myself. I did, however, ask if I could take her picture.

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This was on the set of Moms, where I also interviewed Lani Mercado and Sherilyn Reyes. Lani was the most reserved of the three. This probably comes from being in the business so long, plus all the hullabaloo that their family has been subjected to in the past year (or was it two?). I don’t blame her. She was very gracious, albeit guarded.

Manilyn and Sherilyn both talked up a storm. It’s easy to get drawn into their little stories about their careers, their families, and what goes on in the show. They were very easygoing. Manilyn was very cheerful and bouncy. Sherilyn was very candid, even mentioning her past and how she’s very grateful that she was given the chance to host a show for mothers.

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From the interviews, you can tell that all three women love what they’re doing. All of them at one point talk about how great it is to work on a show that’s close to their hearts.

The staff was really nice to us, too. And jut watching them work, you could tell that like the hosts, they liked what they were doing. The atmosphere behind the camera was very relaxed and happy. Everyone was professional, but informal. It’s a show that I can honestly say is lovely both inside and out (naks!).


Anonymous said...

i heared na nominated ang ating idol na c manilyn this coming STAR AWARDS FOR TELEVISION in two categories one is best supporting actress and others is best talk show host in MOMS!!! dapat lang syang bigyan ng awards she so great. she deserve it!!! ako talagang bilib na bilib ako sa kanya very NATURAL in T.V and talented!!!

Anonymous said...

i beliv n manilyn reynes talent!!!bata pa lang artista na yan at walang inaway na artista yan sa showbiz, instead others trying to put her down!!! but she remain humble...i like her personality very sown to earth!!! at talgang magaling!!! kainis lang sa shwbiz kung cno pa yung mga wlang talent at waolang kwentang artista sya pa yung ngka2awards!!! hay naku basta ako i like manilyn reynes!!!

Olive said...

Greetings Manilynians. This is Dan Salamante, Manilyn's manager. I just would like to announce that our idol will be staging a major concert this October in celebration of her 25th year in show business. I will keep you posted on future developments. Meantime, you can write her at artists@vedaprod.com

Hope to see you soon in this once-in-a-lifetime event.