Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This Is So Gay

February 08, 2006

Luis and I saw ZsaZsa Zaturnah. I’m a big fan of the comic book (I actually got starstruck when I was introduced to Carlo Vergara), and I’m glad to see that it translated well onto stage. Eula Valdez was great as ZsaZsa. Agot Isisdro was okay as Queen Femina, though you could sense that she was still holding back somewhat. Ricci Chan was absolutely wonderful as Didi, and Tuxqs Rutaquio made a very demure, withdrawn Ada, more so than in the comic. Arnold Reyes, who played Dodong, was okay, though his part was written in such a way that made Dodong lose a few IQ points. Some of the musical numbers were too long, but the play did dwell on Ada’s relationship with his father, which was glossed over in the comic. All in all, it was funny and extremely entertaining, and you should go see it.

Watching the play made me want to read my comic book again. Now if only I could remember who I lent it to.

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