Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Other Nestle Twin

February 06, 2006

Visted the set of QTV’s My Music Station (MMS) today, where I interviewed Raymond Gutierrez, Richard’s identical twin brother. Most people will remember them fondly as the Nestle Twins from the 80’s commercial, or perhaps as the Siamese twins in the 80’s movie Kambal Tuko (yes, I saw the movie).

We all know that Richard ended up as everybody’s leading man, but not many know that Raymond has been holding his own in the world of showbiz. Whereas his twin brother has decided to concentrate on acting, this Gutierrez has decided to turn his attentions to hosting.

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Raymond loves working on MMS. According to him, music is one of his obsessions, along with “coffee, clothes and traveling.” He’s very shy in person, as if he’s not quite sure what to do with all the recognition just yet. He tries not to be conscious about it, which of course, makes his consciousness all the more evident. He was very game though, answering everything without the guarded edge that most celebrities have. He was also gracious enough to pose for a picture for DJ (it was her one request), and even mentioned her in the interview as “one of the four people who look up to me.” Any celeb (well, almost) humble enough to engage in a little self deprecation always earns a few pogi points and since Raymond is already good looking, this just ups his cuteness factor. I’m sure DJ thinks so.

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