Monday, February 13, 2006

Stars Say the Darnest Things

January 25, 2006

In the spur of the moment, I attended a GMA press con for a bunch of its talents. It was held in Little Asia, Morato. The concept was simple, yet ingenious. A bunch of stars and media people were gathered together in one place, then left to their own devices. This means you could interview anyone there about their current or upcoming projects.

I got to interview Yasmein Kurdi, the Halili sisters, Jenilyn Mercado, and Arnold Clavio. Katrina had me in stitches with her answer to my question, “Ano birthday wish mo kay Yasmein?” Her answer was, “Sana pumayat siya.” It’s a very refreshing break from the canned “More power, God bless, good luck in your career” that everyone in the industry likes to spout. Katrina continued her statement in Tagalog with, “Yasmein keeps asking me how to get slim and I keep telling her not to eat so much.” At this point, she points to Yasmein, who is spooning some food onto her plate and exclaims, “There she goes again!”

Arnold Clavio was also fun to interview. When I asked him what three things he would change in the country if he had the power to do so, his first answer, without hesitation, was “Politicians.” I laughed and said I would be printing that, and he said, “Go ahead.” He quickly balanced his first answer with people who make a business out of being poor, and dishonest, non-law abiding citizens. He was also happy to report that his NGO, the Igan Foundation, was doing very well. I wanted to ask him where his puppet was but I was afraid that I might get thrown off the second floor if I did.

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