Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pilita Corrales and Manilyn Reynes

Mabuhay si Mamita!

Interviewed Pilita Corrales today for a magazine. She was such a fun interview! Friendly, sweet and articulate, she gave all the info that I needed and more, and was generally very accomodating. She slightly remembers being interviewed by me for two minutes at the last SOP Music Awards. She also introduced me to Kuya Germs, who later left the table to sing karaoke. The interview was conducted in Pilita's, Pilita's restaurant in Greenhills. It's only when I had to research about her that I realized how illustrous her career really is, and how she played a big part in brining Filipino talent abroad, and -- get this -- making Tagalog songs vogue in the Philippines. That, I thought, was mind-boggling. To find out more about this amazing woman, you'll have to read my interview when it comes out, hehehe (Yes, I'm lazy. I'm also plugging).

Congrats Manilyn!

Someone posted this comment anonymously:

"i heared na nominated ang ating idol na c manilyn this coming STAR AWARDS FOR TELEVISION in two categories one is best supporting actress and others is best talk show host in MOMS!!! dapat lang syang bigyan ng awards she so great. she deserve it!!! ako talagang bilib na bilib ako sa kanya very NATURAL in T.V and talented!!"

Congrats Ate Mane! You deserve it! Manilyn is another example of a star who has never let her feet leave the ground. She is an absolute darling to interview. I hear that she's also very professional, and always puts her family first. It's cute that her die-hard fans have stuck to her from her That's Entertainment teenybopper days until now, when she's morphed into a talk show host and has taken on mommy roles.

Now I'm going off to watch Shake, Rattle and Roll, if I can find it. Undin! Undin!


Anonymous said...

I love manilyn reynes talaga.. lalo na sa bakekang and moms and now im very happy that i still get to watch her on sundays dahil sa bago nyang show na mga kwento ni lola basyang. im really very happy for her and I hope she continues to have new shows dahil magaling talaga sya!!!

Anonymous said...

hey here come another for manilyn reynes shes in the serye marimar and i heared that she played the important part as corazon ang galing tlaga nya as an actress versitile sya and no wonder if she won an award for this two serye over gma7 ang galing mukhang sya nanaman ang inaabangan ng mga viewers mabuhay ka manilyn reynes