Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Grieving with George

I'd warn you that this post contains spoilers but if ou're any sort of Grey's Anatomy fan, you probably alread kow what I'm talking about.

I spent last night crying because George's father died. I especially teared up at the part where Christina tells him about the Dead Dad's Club, and how you can't be in it until you're in it. George tells her that he doesn't know how to live in a world where his dad doesn't exist and Christina says that well, that never changes. It was a scene that was handled very well, and the words hit right home. It's true that ou never learn to exist without your father. Or mabe I'm just bad at adjusting. All I know is that it's been three years and we all still miss him.

Luis called in the middle of m Grey's binge and he thought something was wrong. I had to tell him that it was all George's dad's fault, hehe. Grey's Anatomy is seriously killing my writing. I can't get to work until I've finished the whole 3rd season. Which means I've got to log off now. Dr. Burke is waiting!

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