Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm in 2008 Year's Best Fantasy and Horror!

As an Honorable Mention, but still!

Thanks to Kenneth Yu and Charles Tan for letting me know.

One of my fellow honorable mentions (I'm not going to say which just yet so you'll have to go buy it) is also in the horror edition of The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, as the cover story, no less. Yay!

The other works featured in the horror issue of PGS are from equally exciting writers, all of them I'm proud to have had submit to the issue I'm editing. We got a lot of great stories, but alas, I couldn't put them all in.

Nelz Yumul from WeWillDoodle did the cover art, which was well received, if by well received you mean people asking Kenneth why it's so scary.

So guys, save the date: October 31st is when you go out in your mosnter/ witch/ starlet costume and grab yourself a copy of The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories Halloween issue. It's the trick that keeps on treating.


Charles said...

Psst, it's 2008, not 2006.

P.S. Nelz is awesome!

Gloss Girl said...

Haha. Thanks Charles!