Friday, December 05, 2008

The Philippines Free Press Gets a Makeover

The Philippines Free Press, a venerable institution that just turned 100 this year (Haaaaapy berdey toooo youuuuu!) has also undergone a makeover. Yes, there is no shame in getting botoxed, facelifted and airbrushed in one's old age. In this case, the makeover was done courtesy of elite tatooed superhero photographer Juan Caguicla.

Aaaaaand gracing the new cover layout is none other than VP Nolin de Castro. I have no idea what for though, I make it a point not to follow politics, unless it involves Ate Vi running for office.

I don't have anything in this issue though. I think my article on Philipp Tampus, all around nice guy and one of the final 3 in Project Runway Philippines came out in the issue before it.

In other news, Andrew Drilon just sent me the drafts for Waking the Dead and I have to say, I love them! Luis does too! They're simple, yet freaky, but in a subtle way, sort of like the few peaceful moments before the psycho killer brings the knife down on your unuspecting back. It's better than I imagined it would be (and given Andrew's illustrious (yes, pun intended) career, I imagined lots). I cant wait to see the rest of the illustrations.

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Juan said...

Thanks for the props yo.