Monday, February 23, 2009

Lessons from a Bus Driver

I should have posted this earlier.

From my column on

While I was in Chicago last week, I attended the 40th day prayer service of my aunt's friend's mom. It was held on a cold winter night in the suburbs of Illinois. The house where it was held, however, was warm and cozy and filled with people. Conversations in English and Tagalog wafted from different rooms, while children ran up and down the house's two floors.

Dinner consisted of rich, flavorful Chinese food, and adobo. I don't remember what Chinese food was served, only that there were fortune cookies. During dinner, I sat across an American named Lisa Moore, the woman who watches the family's dogs when they go on vacation. Lisa calls herself a "professional gypsy." She spends more time in her car than at home, and has been moving around for as long as she can remember. She has worked in different fields, one of them as co-owner of a production company. In her present incarnation, she paints murals and drives a bus for the local elementary school.

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