Monday, June 19, 2006

Non Non Non Heinosity

Saw part one and half of part two of the Bagets reunion on Showbiz Stripped. You know, I suggested the very same concept to the last show I was in the other station but they didn’t buy the concept. How sorry are they now? Anyway, I’m glad that Ricky Lo’s team thought of it and made it come to life. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to happen.

That movie brings back memories! I’m showing my age here but that film affected an entire generation. Watching clips of it again made me realize some things about how I perceived the actors in my youth, namely:
My crush on William Martinez was justified because he was cute;
Now I understand what all the fuss about Aga Mulach was about. Too bad he grew up to be an old papa;
My favorite Bagets-er then was JC Bonnin, and now I don’t understand why. That mustache! Ugh!

Now I want to see Bagets, Bagets 2, Ninja Kids and Hot Shots again! Wow, I’m old! Anyone wanna lend me a copy?

I didn’t realize Eula Valdez was in Bagets. She looked so plain then, nothing like the hot momma that she is now. Maybe 40 *is* the new 30!

Another movie that defined a generation (well, sort of) is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. Now we all know that Keanu Reeves has gained a questionable reputation ever since playing lovable Ted “Theodore” Logan. I have to admit I embarrassed myself by putting “getting Keanu Reeves to marry me” as my life’s goal in my high school yearbook but hey, I was young and this was just a few years after Bogus Journey. Keanu may have moved down the ladder of coolness, but as this essay at shows, the coolness never left, baby. Station!


Jennie said...

I always loved Bagets! I actually made my best mate David buy the vcds for me when he came over to Australia to visit :p

Now, I'm going to ask my mum to buy Hotshots for me when she goes back to Manila in August...

herb said...

haha... i remeber bagets! yeah william martinez was a cutie but he got hooked on drugs. and eula valdez was an ugly teen, now she's HOT! maybe we'll look like that when we're 40... hehehe