Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lots of Luis

Here's a rundown of what the King of Nothing to Do has been up to:

1. This is old news but Luis was recently mentioned as one of the Most Important Young Filipinos in Erwin Romulo's weekly colum in the Philippine Star, during the paper's aniversary issue. Other people mentioned were The Radioactive Sago Project, Iya Villania, and Celine Lopez.

2. Luis' second book, The King of Nothing to Do, is out! It's his first book of essays, and has a cool cover, which was done by Elbert Or. He gave me a signed copy (dapat lang!) and -- I'm not being biased here -- it's a real good read. Go get your copy now!

3. Luis was recently interviewed as a panelist for Pia Guanio's QTV show, Ang Pinaka. The episode -- Ang Pinak: Sikat na Banda, or something to that effect. This weekly show lists the most popular, well, categories in Pinoy pop culture. Fellow panelists include Reyes of The Dawn.

And then of course, there's his bi-weekly column in the I section of the Manila Bulletin. I haven't been up to date with that *guilty, guilty* and it's apparently harder to look for on line, so it's still best to find the hard copy version.

I'm sorry if this post sounds like a press release. It isn't. It's just tha I've been doing so much copywriting over the past few weeks it's beginning to leak into my normal writing. I'll be posting about specil deals and buy one take ones next! :O

But seriously, Way to go, Luis! *clap clap* :D

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