Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FOB on Candy Coated Karma

Wrote about my Fall Out Boy concert experience on my GMAPinoy TV Column, Candy Coated Karma. Am not really a fan (mas fan pa ako ng Chicosci), but those guys do know how to put on a show. And I don't hate their (FOB's) bassist so much anymore. I still want to kick his teeth in for just looking the way he does, though.

We want more FOB! We want more FOB! This is what thousands of Fall Out Boy fans were chanting when the band played in the Araneta Coliseum last September 20 and 21. Fans were lined up at the gates way before the concert started at 8pm, which goes to show that us notoriously late Filipinos can be early if we want to be. The Coliseum was awash with guys and girls in tight pants, sneakers and hoodies, what could be described as the uniform to brood in.

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