Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I iz (sort of) Famus!

More shameless self promotion: I iz famus! Sort of. People who I haven't badgered, bullied or cajoled into reading my stories have read my stories! Or at least know of me. I iz tickled. Of course, they might stop reading once they find out I sometimez speakz in lolcat. *hides under couch*

Don't beleive me? Then take a look at this blog entry that Luis found which lumps me with Krip Yuson. Yay!

Here's the link (tamad ako mag-code and di naman gumagana sa Blogger ko):

And here's what he wrote:

"I might not have made it to the lineup for Dean
Alfar's third Speculative Fiction Anthology, but
apparently Dominique Cimafranca has. Seeing that this
will be his first published short story in the local
scene, you might want to congratulate him on his
achievement. :)

"Dominique joins what strikes me as a very
distinguished list of authors for the book. It's got
names that should now be established as mainstays in
the field of local Speculative Fiction (like Ian
Casocot and Andrew Drilon), wide-ranging awardwinners
(like Yvette Tan and Alfred Yuson), and people who I
could probably take on in a one-on-one cage match
(like Joseph Nacino and Charles Tan). There are a
number of notably missing names -- Vin Simbulan and
Chiles Samaniego among others -- but I'm pretty sure
that their works will be back in the spotlight soon."

Pumapalakpag ang tenga koh! Tickled writer is tickled. Hee!


Hazel Chua said...

yup you are famous dear. didnt you know? lolz. miss me? how have you been?

Charles said...

My next goal is to be a Yvette Tan (in terms of popularity)!

Gloss Girl said...

Thanks, guys! I can has fans! :D