Friday, January 02, 2009

Bruce Wayne Vs. Tony Stark

Apparently, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark's similarities go beyond their being superheroes. For one thing, they're both billionaire playboys (though we sometimes have reason to doubt if its really girls that Bruce is after).

Also, they're head of their own corporations, which they both inherited from their fathers. But as business leaders, they have very different styles. Wayne believes in diversification, while Stark makes his billions off one industry.

Becasue of this, debates have sprung up over who is the better leader, or which enterprise would survive in the real world. Here's one from Business Opportunities and another from Entrepreneur.

My bet? It's a tough call. What struck me was that while Wayne Enterprises like to spread itself over different industries, Wayne doesn't seem so interested in leading his corporate empire. Stark, on the other hand, is involved in the risky business of weapons manufacturing which, I guess, in today's environment, might make sense. So while I would normally be predisopsed to following Team Bruce, I find myself rooting for Team Tony instead. I think it's the mustache that sealed the deal.

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