Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maricel Soriano + Chito Rono = T2

No, it's not a Filipinization of the 2nd Terminator movie.T2 stands for Tenement 2, the block where this horror movie is set.

The film is direced by Chito Rono under Star Cinema. It stars Maricel Soriano and Mika dela Cruz(Anjelika dela Cruz's younger sister). The movie is inspired by the director's vision of Biringan, a fabled Enkanto city in Samar that he saw from the plane as a young boy.

It's about time Maricel did another horror movie. Her last horror movie was Peque Gallaga's Sa Piling ng mga Aswang in 1999. I fondly remember Maricel from before she used to do drama. She was the final girl for the fantasy/ comedy genre that was prevalent in the 80's, though the title of "final girl" of that era should still go to Manilyn Reynes, since Maricel's movies were more comedies with horror elements than than the straight out horror (sometimes with comedic elements) that Manilyn became known for.

T2 will be out this April, probably in time for Holy Week. Nothing like spending your Good Friday, the day that our Lord died, watching a horror movie.

Read about the movie here and here, and watch the trailer here.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh...I accidentally found you while looking for stuff about T2. Just came home from the movie theater. It was pretty good, of course there were some bad stuff like the over PD-ed stuff and some continuity problems. There was also the director/writer/or maybe Star Cinema feeding too much to the audience. But some of the effects were good but the green screen was soo bad. Anyway, watch it for screams and laughs. I was more afraid of looking at john lloyd due to my horrible faux pas, but that's another story...