Monday, March 30, 2009

A Time for Dragons Launch

One of my favorite blogs is Elisabeth Perry's Woolgathering, where she posts one watercolor painting a day then writes a short entry about it.

Here's my homage to that, in connection with yesterday's A Time for Dragons book launch.

I also drew something like this for one of the authors in the anthology, so this is one of only two dragons disguised as sheep in the whole world!

Once again, congratulations to Vinnie and to everyone in the book. Dean plugged my upcoming book during the program so I'm now more pressured than ever. We hope to have Waking the Dead out by May.


mitchmauricio said...

ang cuuuuute naman nito! love the dragon tail a! hehe :)

Cleod said...

<3 the sheepish dragon! :D

Sanshiree said...

*yay* for colorful doodles ü and i like yours better ahaha and and i'm a fan ü looking forward to that book of yours whee! -shine