Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Da Vinci Cover

Check out my review of The Da Vinci Code at the Odds and Ends section of . It, however, is not as amusing as Giles Coren's Da Vinci Code-laden review of The vincent Rooms at,,1147-2175526,00.html . Giles rules!

Also, because I have a soft spot in my heart for Nirvana (mainly because of their making flannel fashionable, and also because I thought it was cool that Dave Grohl looks exactly like Alanis Morisette), here is the Ukelele Band of Great Britain's rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit:" .

Minor Rant:
We all have complaints about anoying people. Here's mine for this week:
Interviewed a minor artista the other day at the Captain Barbell press con. I won't say who she is, only that she isn't part of the cast. I was slightly annoyed by the way she reacted to being interviewed, which was like her time was being wasted. Hello! The reason you even have a job is because you get coverage. I wanted to tell her, "Excuse me lola, isang eating disorder lang ang lamang mo sa akin!"

I've been hearing stories about how unprofessional this actress is and it's only now that I've gotten to experience it firsthand. She's lucky that my job forces me to write nothing but good things about her. Grr.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have spent less time in school and more time at the salon, like my mother said. Apparently, my MA, my various acheivements in different kinds of media genres and my literary awards (yes, yes, I'm carrying my own bench [binubuhat ang sariling bangko, hehehe], but it's *my* blog) don't mean a thing because I'm not anorexically thin and I don't look likeI was the illegitimate child of a frisky haciendero. But I've complained about this before. Unfortunately, all it's going to do is give me a headache and give her a few minutes of irritation at being asked for her opinion. Like it counts.

Let's change to a nicer topic. The rains have started! Yay!

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