Thursday, May 25, 2006

Laugh Break

This was the first thing I read today, courtesy of Miss Clark, head of the Special Reports division. I don't know where she got this from, only that it made my day, while proving that this country wouldbe in a better place if we relaced our politicians with parloristas. I don't think there'd be a big difference, except that the parloristas would have style, and would pass bills that would actually make sense, like one that makes weekly mani-pedis mandatory, for example. They'd also find a reason to elect Piolo Pascual into the closet, I mean, cabinet. Ay, fafa!

Kung gay lingo lang sana ang ginamit nina GMA at Garci, wala sanang scandal ngayon.

GMA: Hallooo Gracia!
GARCI: Yes mother! Nachukchak ko na po iyong mga chuva ek-ek!
GMA: Bonggacious! Eh iyong mga tienes-tienes, carry na ba?
GARCI: Winnie Santos na Mama! Eclavou na ever!
GMA: Ang tarush! Babush!

I love gay linggo!

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