Monday, May 22, 2006

Random Thoughts

If you aven't read my column yet, shame on you. Go click on it now at and don't come back till you've read it!

In other news, it looks like Britney may be dropping her good for nothing husband soon... unfortunately, it looks like she keeps dropping her baby as well.

The Da Vinci Code has everyone in an uproar nowadays (SM has refused to show it, Manila has banned it, the CBCP called a conference on it, the list goes on...). I had to see the movie for work, and I can tell you, it's not worth the hype. I'll post the URL of my review as soon as I can find it. Suffice it to say that after leaving the movie theatre, the only thought I had was they should have cast Harrison Ford instead. Still, in the spirit of blasphemy, I'd like to share with you The Ten Things I Hate About Commandments

I hate it that I can't make my posts any neater. Grr.


shink1m said...

Ah for those links, use this:

[a href=""]insert word that you want to make clickable[/a]

Those in italics are stuff that you enter yourself. Then replace the [ ] with < >

shink1m said...

Waitaminit, all your other blog entries have working links naman ah ^_^

herb said...

i always read your column!!! im your biggest fan~! talaga? i didnt know that the DaVinci code caused an uproar... i mean, japan is not christian anyway. hehehehe... DVC is showing in gateway!!! miss ko na gateway...

Gloss Girl said...

Thanks, Ian. The other entry was a fluke, I think. It only worked because you helped me with it. I think you scared my computer! :)

Herb-chan, I miss you! How's Hyde-kun doing? Tell him I haven't forgiven him for marrying Megumi. Naks! Close daw kami! :P