Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boys are Stupid or It's Alive, It's Alive!

A college friend of mine, especially after a romance gone sour, is of the belief that Boys are stupid. Not a far cry from the David and Goliath Boys are Smelly t-shirts, but while the latter is cute (and more often than not, untrue), the latter does have a basis, if not reality, then in literature.

Part of my undergrad thesis involved explaining why the idea of the mad scientist is scary. The short version is this: The mad scientist, usually male, seeks to replicate the life-giving force of the fertile female via science.

Unable to accept that there's something a female can do that males can't (they've already claimed the Being Able To Pee Standing Up Award, they should be happy and let it go at that), and something so critical to the continuation of the human race, no less, he's decided to try his hand at it as well. This is where the theory branches out. If the scientist succeeds, the story is either fantasy or science fiction. If he fails, it's horror.

I had a whole paper about this but to make it short, men should not tamper with what only God (or gods, depending on what you believe in) can do. It's by playing creator that man wreaks havoc on himself.

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