Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Alive! It's Alive!

I'm back on line! Finally, after weeks, of not having access to the net, I've finally managed to go online. It's been hard, as I've had to frequent net cafes. Thank goodness I have my phone, which I use to send e-mail during emergencies.

So. What have I been up to lately? Trying to read as much of the Stoker entires that are up for nomination. I've gone through a few good ones. My only hope is that I read them all fast enough so that I don't miss the nomiations altogether. ;P

I've also been going to a lot of weddings. Last year, it was a lot of engagement parties, so it stands to follow that this year, it would be weddings. Last Saturday was Lianne's wedding (Lianne was a gorgeous bride!) and yesterday, I had to attend Mico's (I can't beleive he's as old as my younger brother!) with my mom. Yesterday's wedding was especially interesting because I had to sit at a table with titos and titas that I hadn't seen since high school. Nobody did the "My, how you've grown!" spiel (okay, one of them did), but -- and here's the interesting thing -- they *all* treated me like an adult. I have never had this happen tome before. It certainly wouldn't have happened with Chinese elders. Of course, the difference is that the titos and titas I sat down with weren't the ones whose kids I hung out with growing up -- those uncles and aunts still see me as a child, but that's okay because sometimes, it's great to still be seen as one, especially if you're my age.

Another interesting thing about last night's wedding was the amoutn of information I was privy to, some of them things that no parent will talk about in front of their children.

From my mom, I learned that unlike a Catholic church, a Protestant one will not chanrge you for a wedding. A great reason to switch religions, if I ever heard one. We are ready to welcome you into the fold.

From a tita, I got excellent advice on planning a wedding -- make sure that your wedding gown is easy to move in. All the beads and embriodery in the world will not mask the fact that you're stumbling the way to the altar; and also, when choosing food for the event, pick at least one that will really, really stand out, so that even if the rest of your menu is just 'good,' your guests will remember that one 'great' dish.

From a tito,I learned something even more interesting -- when eloping, be sure to have a good driver (one who knows the ins and outs and sidestreets of the city) and -- this is the important bit -- after the both of you are in the car, make sure you drop by the local Barangay office and have the girl sign a waiver that she went with the guy of her own volition, so that the guy can't be charged with kidnapping. Nobody's thought of that before!

So. Protestant church, a comfortable gown, or for cheapskates, elopement. Adults really are interesting creatures.

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hlF said...

uh-oh. you're turning into an adult yourself... hisssss...