Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rouge Sunset Cruise

I spent the afternoon on a yacht that went around Manila Bay. It was Rogue's Exclusive Sunset Cruise, a party that the magazine threw for its friends.

Luis and I thought that we would be late, but thankfully, we made it well before the yacht set sail. The one person who didn't was walking tour guide Carlos Celdran, who reached the dock exactly just as the yacht pulled away, so he had to be brought in via boat. He was pretty game about the whole thing, which was cute.

All our troubles seemed to melt away as soon as the boat left the dock. There was an assortment of Japanese food to choose from, and a vodka-fueled open bar as well. From the middle of the bay, Manila looks like a first world city.

For some reason, I was able to navigate the yacht's many stairs without much difficulty, which was a surprise. Luis was surprised as well, since the stairs were pretty difficult to climb, even for a normal person. Could it be that the food supplement I've been taking is doing its job and making me stronger?

After our cruise around Manila Bay, we had dinner at the port. All in all, a pretty good party, made even better because we were among friends.

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