Monday, March 17, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion March 2008

Publications I've written stuff for this month:


I'm part of the team that wrote Rogue's Cinema Portfoilio, where I interviewed cult filmmakers Eddie Romero and Cirio Santiago (I gushed all over Eddie, and I got business lessons for Cirio), indie film pillar Surf Reyes and self-confessed filmologist and all around nice guy Teddy Co.


I wrote a feature on Jack Teotico, an art gallery owner who is intent on bringing Filipino art onto the world stage. I had actually met him before when I accompanied a friend to one of Gene Gonzales' art sessions. That session is why I have an Alan Cocio sketch of myself tucked away in my bedroom, and why my friend has a half-naked painting of herself (forget who did it) hanging in someone's hallway. And this was before Shawn Yao!


I think I did the reviews section for this month's issue – books, films and music centered on simple pleasures. I'm sure k.d. lang is in there somewhere. Speaking of which, I haven't gotten her latest album yet. *pouts*


The March issue marks the second installment of Luis and my advice column. Our advice for the month: What do you do if your girlfriend is more experienced than you? Luis, as always, has the funnier answer. I'm too busy trying not to let my prudish nature shine through. ;p

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