Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back at Work... Not

So I'm here at work today, only I just got here to find out that I'm not supposed to be in until later because they moved the schedule around and the Production Manager didn't tell anybody. That's bad enough, but what makes it worse is that she was bugging me for our synopsis because we're digitizing today. Which leads me to wonder: was she budding me just for the fun of it or was she bugging me because she doesn't know what's going on in her own production?

In other news, the launch of Night Monkeys went great last night. Saw peeps like Elbert, Cyan, Charles, (sexeh) Fran, Fran's (hot) brother, Fran's (fun) friends, Fran's (cute) dog; signed a lot of books, ate pastries, drank iced tea laced with pandan flavor, got interviewed by Sam of Business World (I think I went on a drunken rant there, even though I hadn't drank anything), and went to Fully Booked afterwards.

What made my night was being able to spend it with Luis. Always a good thing.

Grabe! Dinumog siya ng fans kagabi! It was cute to watch. Of course, if I spotted any of them gatting too close, I would have put on my media mercenary moves and jabbed them in the eye with a pen. He's mine, mine, you hear, bwahahahaha! Unless he's a cute guy, then maybe we can come to some sort of understanding.

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