Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meg Article in the Philippine Star

My article on the Meg Face 2008, which has discovered actors like Marian Rivera and Ehra Madrigal, came out last Friday. I'm going to take a page from Kenneth's blog and post part of the article here as well. The better to entice you with, my dears.

Thanks to Kenneth, by the way, for posting about "Seek Ye Whore's" appearance in the July issue of Rogue.

About face!

By Yvette Tan
Friday, July 18, 2008

Appearing on the cover of a magazine is a dream for many young women, and for one lucky girl, that dream will soon become a reality.

Meg recently magazine unveiled the top 10 finalists of the Meg Face 2008 at Alchemy Bar. “Our purpose is to find the next talent, a fresh new face with preferably no modeling experience,” says Meg editor in chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro.

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