Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion Aug 2008: Julius Tarog, Jansport and Zombies

Here's where my writing has come out this frist week of August 2008:

Lounge act, my interview with designer Julius Tarog. Julius was really fun to be with. His dresses made me seriously consider the benefits of liposuction. An exerpt:

When asked to do a resort/lounge collection, the first thing that came to designer Julius Tarog’s mind was: anything but maxi dresses.

“They’re predictable and don’t highlight a woman’s form,” says Tarog, who has dressed some of the country’s most well-known personalities.

As a result, his collection is a mix of wide-leg pants, mid-length dresses and long evening gowns that are fit for an afternoon on a yacht, a jaunt to the Mediterranean or perhaps a Cannes premiere.

Personal graffiti, my coverage of a JanSport event. They said I would get a free bag. Still haven't gotten it yet... An excerpt:

In a world where everything seems cut with the same cookie cutter, making an individual statement takes a lot of effort, not to mention a lot of guts.

It is this thirst for individuality that made JanSport launch the Graphic Remix series, a line of bags with one-of-a-kind designs rendered by some of the country’s top graphic artists such as Electrolychee and Team Manila.

Lest you think that I've forsaken horror for the glitsy world of fashion, there's Waking the Dead, which came out in the Sunday Inquirer. My first zombie story! Yay! An exerpt:

DARIO stared out of his bedroom window, studying the mass that congregated at his doorstep below. The dead of Barrio Masigasig had arrived at his house today, dug themselves out of their graves, many of them ancient and rotting, caked with dirt, their faces caved in, chests sunken, limbs falling or long gone. Others, freshly buried, looked almost alive, their skin unbroken, the pallor on their faces masked by funeral make-up. They were dressed in moldy barongs and musty party dresses, clothes that dragged on the ground or snagged in places, the damage gone unheeded because the dead did not think of these things.

And then there's my new and improved GMA column, now in the GMA news website instead of the GMA Pinoy TV one. Will try to post something weekly, so do read!

Lectured on horror fiction in UP last week for the Writing Club. Had fun, but realized that I have to tweak my lectures a little. It's only a handful of people (ie. me) who are interested in history, which means I've got to put in more stuff on writing. Now I need more ginuea pigs to test my lectures on!

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