Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Masuki, my love

I love Masuki. We've been going to the resto ever since I was a child. We'd head over to the original spot in Binondo, where the open air restaurant was infused with that distinct Chinatown smell. I remember it had a different name then.

Masuki is one of those restaurants that serves only one thing. In this case, noodles, but with different toppings, plus siomai and siopao. They have a special sauce that you use to flavor the noodle broth. It's the type of resto you either love or hate (I have a cousin that says that the soup smells like trapo).

And then they opened a branch in Greenhills, just a short distance away from our house. What joy! Now they also have a satellite store under the name Siopao Boy in the Greenhills Shopping Center. Double yay!

Ate there a while back You can tell that a restaurant is going places when its presentation starts to change. Yup, now you've got individual bowls of sauce, just a spoonful of onion leaves (for presentation, I guess, since you can ask for more), and the most telling sign of all -- saucy looking condiment containers.

As Erwin would say, clahhhz!

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