Thursday, October 23, 2008

I hope you caught rakista this week because you're missing a lot

I sure hope you've been parked in front of your TV this Thursday at 7pm with the channel turned to TV5 because if you haven't, you just missed another great episode of Rakista, probably the only program on Philippine TV today where you can get art zombies, cosplaying ninjas and feral, turon-hungry table tennis fanatics, oh, and music.

If you're into the rock scene, you would have caught guest appearances by rock stars such as Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich and Pedicab in the episode where the Rakista gang storms the Eraserheads concert (yes, the real Eraserheads concert). You wouls have also seen Greyhoundz' Reg Rubio cameo as a doctor, his second career after Nyoy Volante (who also cameoed as an attempted murder suspect) and the rest of acoustic music killed kupaw (by the way, the new Greyhoundz album rocks). And if you saw ths week's episode, you would have heard the Dawn's Francis Reyes (also NU 107's Francis Brew) on the radio (in the show). You would have also seen all of Spongecola getting whipped, eating from Jenny Jamora's hand, performing onstage, you know, doing normal stuff.

If you haven't seen this week's episode, it's not too late to catch the replay on Sunday at 1pm on TV5.

Here are more reasons to watch this week's episode:

1. A real-live corgi.

2. Dog fight! Ok, not really. It's actually a cat-fight between two kontrabida dog owners, complete with 1980's Filipino movie name-calling. Rowr!

3. The most swearing I've ever heard in a local TV program.

4. Sven. And some RJ. So cute! My most favorite love team ever!

5. Another full on stage performance from The Love Team.

6. A shadow of complications to come. Hint: it involves cutie pie Nix.

7. For Spongecola fans, a full song by your favorite band!

8. For Spongecola haters: Yael getting whipped, then pushed off a table. Oh wait, fans will probably like this more...

Whatever rocks your boat, be sure to catch Rakista's replay this Sunday at 1pm on TV5.

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El PresiBENte said...

"P#&ng Ina ang gaspang!"

I love this show. I never know what's going on fully but I feel compelled to watch anyway.